EURO FOOTBALL STAR is a company committed to making talent Identification completely fair and objective. This company was founded by Ray Wood who has over 25 years experience in the football industry. In his time working within the industry he has worked in world class academies including PSG and Leicester City. Through these experiences he has come to realize that talent ID is a problem area in Australia. EFS brings the gold standard objective testing and methodology and through our partnership with Pro Soccer Global we are able to offer an unrivaled experience.

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"We're extremely excited about our link-up with Pro Soccer Global in the UK and believe that the tours we'll be able to offer together will be of the highest level. Our partnership will give the boys who are selected the best possible opportunity to experience football at the highest level and the motivation to work as hard as they possibly can to achieve their goals. "

— Ray Wood - Founder and Managing Director

The Vision

EURO FOOTBALL STAR is an organisation that provides young Australian footballers the opportunity to KICK START their pathway to PROFESSIONAL football in the UK  

The Purpose

To fill the current gap in the Australian footballing industry which is a lack of opportunity and support for Australian football talent. 

Mission Statement

EURO FOOTBALL STAR is a company committed to providing a completely fair and objective talent identification system. The Euro football Star test has been tried in tested in some world class football academies around Europe. Contact us today to find out how YOU can bring the EFS testing protocol and the premier league trophy to your football club today. 

The Philosophy

EURO FOOTBALL STAR is guided by a unique and objective testing system in order to make talent identification equal and fair.   


"I have long been aware of the football talent in Australia, which is why we have teamed up with Euro Football Star to create this incredible opportunity for a selection of players to come to the UK to tour with Pro Soccer Global."

— Chris McGrath - Founder and Director of Pro Soccer Global


The Testing Protocol

Talent Identification is one of the biggest problem areas in Australian football. Here at EFS our goal is to change the way talent identification is approached. Our testing protocol has been employed in some of the biggest footballing academies in world football including PSG and Leicester City. Our testing is completely objective and our goal is to make talent identification completely fair and objective!
The Accumlative score is comprised by the following 6 tests: 

  • Speed/Running with the Ball Test (T-100)

  • Shot Power (KM/H)

  • Lofted Pass Challenge (/20)

  • Passing/Receiving (/20)

  • Juggling (/50)

  • Small Sided Games (/20)

The EFS Competition

We are looking to take a squad of U10s and U12s over to the UK and are trialling children between the ages of the 8 and 12.
Selected players will have the opportunity to go all expenses paid to the UK, from both the U10 and U12 age group. The tour includes:  

  • The chance to trial and play against the best academies in the UK

  • Tickets to English Premier League games 

  • Tours of the worlds best football stadium's

  • Team training by some of the best coaches in the UK

  • Players from the U10 and U12 age groups will be selected to have their trip all expenses paid including flights, accomodation, meals and one parent fully paid.